Songbird Saison

A refreshing Belgian-style saison, Songbird melds lemon and citrus hop flavors with hints of apricot and stone fruits. Boasting a bubblegum-like aroma, Songbird is well balanced with the spice of fresh-cracked pepper and distinctive Belgian fruity esters. Landing at 4.8% with a light, dry finish, Songbird is gentle on the palate and soars with flavor.

Style: Belgian-Style Saison

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 22

Availability: Year-Round

Shelf Life: Cans (5 months / 150 days); Draft (4 months / 120 days)

Packaging: 16 oz. quad-packs; draft (1/2 bbl and 1/6 bbl)

Malts: Pilsner, Munich Type 1, Wheat

Hops: Columbus, Styrian Golding, German Tettnang

Food Pairings: Songbird pairs well with simple, rustic foods such as roasted chicken with garlic and herbs, which latch onto the grassy, floral qualities of the saison. It also plays well with a salad of mesclun greens and arugula, and the earthy tang of goat cheese, but can still hold up to a cracked-pepper encrusted steak, and the bubbly, fizzy finish will cleanse your palate.

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