These beers are no longer in production, though you may still see some of them on shelves. If you do, be sure to check the drink-by date on the bottom. Like every can says, Fresh Beer = Best Beer. There’s only so much room for beers in our portfolio, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll see them again in the future.

16-Bit (Double Pale Ale)

Backpacker Brown  

Big RICC (Russian Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout)

Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat

Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat with Cinnamon

Ethos IPA

Flyin’ Hawaiian

Ginger Peach Saison

Halcyon (Unfiltered American Wheat)

Half-Pipe Tart Pale Ale

Idaho 7 IPA

One Eyed Jacques

Pub Ale

Songbird Saison

Sweet Tooth (Salted Caramel Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

Top Rope IPA

Wooden Rooster (Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Tripel Ale)

Zombie Monkie