Blueberry Lemon-Ale Session Sour

Since the inception of our sour program in 2016, with brands like Half Pipe and Raspberry Jam, we have continued our commitment to innovate stylistically in this space.  Now comes our first Session Sour, Blueberry Lemon-Ale!  Utilizing natural blueberry puree, as well as lemon & orange zest with a sour base to create what any true lemonade connoisseur expects, a mouthwatering tart juicy liquid.  This fresh, natural flavor profile is something very different from the sweet artificial varieties consumers have had forced upon them in recent years.   Coming in at 4.2%, Blueberry Lemon-Ale is best consumed on seasonally warm days near a body of water, out in the wilderness or while hitchin’ a ride on a lawnmower.   We send this lip-smacking ale “From Kansas With Love” to you, our most appreciative craft consumer.  Cheers to 10 more years!

Style: Session Sour Ale

ABV: 4.2%

Malts: 2Row, Malted White Wheat

Availability: May – June