The Tallgrass Grain-to-Glass™ Quality Program

What It Means

Grain-to-Glass is our complete commitment to every aspect of quality at our brewery. Tallgrass continually invests in personnel and training to safeguard our beer quality. Every ingredient, brewing procedure, batch of beer, packaging step, and shipping plan is scrutinized by trained eyes with quality in mind. If something doesn’t meet the Tallgrass standard, we dump it. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Thoroughly Tested

Extensive microbiological and analytical testing is completed throughout the brewing, fermentation, and packaging process. Samples from every batch we brew are stored at the brewery, monitored for stability, and taste-tested throughout their shelf life. Taste panel results give us a “blind” monitoring of the quality of our finished beers. Formula adjustments and quality improvements are made based on these quantitative results.

Tag and Tracked

Every batch of Tallgrass beer is given a unique identity and individually tracked once it leaves our dock. If a problem arises, we have the ability to conduct a limited recall without disrupting the entire brand.

Rapid Response

Our emphasis is on quality control and quality assurance, but Tallgrass has in place a rapid response protocol for any quality issues that may arise in the market. Our quality team regularly stages “mock recalls,” in case we ever have to take such an action.

Evaluation and Improvements

Tallgrass is constantly evaluating and improving our quality control systems. Our goal is to be an industry champion for craft beer excellence. Tallgrass is committed to investing in the people, equipment and training to research new procedures, processes, and products to enhance our beer quality and safety.